About Us

Since 1991 our job has been to bring value to the solutions you are looking for. Both of us will become leaders in our domain if we can identify best practice solutions. It is this symbiotic relationship that drives us. We seek business relationships with those who share our vision and are willing to invest in the 'sweat equity' from becoming true market leaders. 

We exist to create a relationship based on the simple concept of continuous improvement, letting it guide us in every facet of our relationship with you

Bruce Hannough

CEO - Hannough Containers LLC

Bruce Hannough is a lifelong entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience developing and implementing plastic based solutions to protein based problems.
As Founder and President of Hannough Containers LLC, he sets the strategic direction, leads product development, and manages the organization. Bruce is driven by his belief that he can still play hockey, enjoy wine tasting and wax poetic about the good life. Did we mention he also likes wine tastings?

Connor Hannough

President - Hannough Containers Canada

Director of Business Development - Hannough Containers LLC

Connor is a recent graduate from Queens University with a bachelors in Computer Science. With strengths in creative problem solving and a passion for business, he brings a diverse approach to Hannough Containers practices.
Connor is spearheading the Canadian division of Hannough Containers, he handles day to day operations while seeking solutions to further develop the business.  With environmental efforts in mind, Connor has implemented a recycling program and turned our product offering into 100% recyclable.
Connor's dream is to travel around the world with dogs.