Nest US 1.1


48" x 40" nestable, extremely light weight plastic pallet

The new Nest US1.1 with its 11.0 lbs becomes the lightest 48x40 inch pallet in our program. It is excellently suited for one-way shipping and air cargo.

Please Contact us for full pallet/large volume orders 

Technical Data

Bottom Support

9 feet, nestable 

Top Deck



4 ways
Nesting height [in] 1.5
Dimensions [in]
48 x 40 x 5.2
Load Capacity [lb]

Static: 3500

Dynamic: 2200

Racking: -

Weight [lb]

open deck

HDPE: 11 

ACM: 12


Safety Rim [mm] 5
Color Black

Pallet: 73 

FTL: 2340 

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