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NP4048 Heavy Duty


48" x 40" Plastic Pallet For Heavy Loads

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Manufactured with USDA and FDA-approved 100% virgin-grade materials, the NP Pallet is ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications

The NP4048's unique angled leg design for plastic pallets helps to reduce forklift damage by enabling the fork tines to deflect off the leg rather than breaking or cutting the pallet. Our plastic pallets have an optional lip on the long side to prevent product slippage and to facilitate transportation of stacked, empty pallets.

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  • Durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust resistant
  • Four year warranty
  • 100% recyclable
  • Embedded hand holds
  • Toughest pallet around
  • Suitable for extreme cold temperatures (blast freezing)


Technical Data

Bottom Support

9 feet

Top Deck

Entry 4 ways
Dimensions [in]
48 x 40 x 6
Load Capacity [lb]

NP4048-45: 2000-2500


NP4048-55: 3000-3500

Weight [lb]


NP4048-50: 50

NP4048-55: 55

Safety rim [mm] 6
Color See color chart

Pallet: 20

FTL: 560


Available Colors 


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